About Me

Photo of Amber Page, Romance Author

Hi, I’m Amber. Can I be your new favorite romance author?

A surprising number of my favorite childhood memories involve books. The library was my favorite place. Reading was my favorite activity. And when my parents wanted to punish me? They didn’t bother grounding me. They just took away my books.

So it’s probably not a big surprise that I’ve always wanted to write books. It just took me a while to get around to it.

50,000 words? Easy peasy. Wait. What?

It wasn’t until my daughter was a baby that I sat down to write my first novel. It was National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as those of us insane enough to participate like to call it), and I had 30 days to pound out a 50,000 word novel.

It took me four years to finish the manuscript.

And that? Was only because I had to. I had entered the first chapter into the So You Think You Can Write contest put on by Harlequin and they wanted to see more (you can read all the gory details on my blog).

I didn’t win, but I did catch the right editor’s attention. And now here I am, telling you my story and hoping you’ll read the one I wrote for you.

How’s that for a happily ever after?

Real life. Isn’t it romantic?

When I’m not writing, I work as (wait for it) an advertising writer (a.k.a. copywriter) in the heart of Indiana. I live with the love of my life, our precocious daughter, and a menagerie of furry animals. I also blog, garden, and sometimes even manage to sneak in a few hours of sleep.

I’d love to chat with you, so come find me on Facebook or Twitter.