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New for 2016: Read as I Write


Normally, I write my books on the privacy of my own computer. No one but my writer’s group is subjected to the work in progress—which, let’s face it, is sometimes (often) a giant mess.

But this time I’m doing it differently. This time, I’m writing my first draft in public.

Every Saturday (or Sunday), I’m posting new parts of my latest work in progress to Wattpad.

What the heck is Wattpad?

Basically, it’s a social media site, where writers post their stuff, for free, and people who like to read stuff, read it. For free. And they comment and converse and have a good time doing it (I think).

You can follow people, and put their stories in your library, and read them from wherever you happen to be, on whatever device you happen to be on. Did I mention it’s free? I do hope you’ll come find me there.

And what are you writing on, errr, Wattpad?

It’s called Just a Taste, or at least that’s what the working title is. Here’s a quick synopsis:

When YouTube star Lily Sands returns to Dolphin Island for some much needed R&R, she runs smack into her old flame and first love. She has no time for love these days…but a vacation fling? That could be just what the doctor ordered.

Dan McGowan has no business getting involved with Lily again-he still has the scars from the last time he had to let her go. She can’t have his heart again. But his body? That’s another story.

After they’ve had a taste, the real question becomes…can they walk away when their time is done?

It will be a little bit silly, a little spicy, and hopefully, a lot of fun. Won’t you join me?

Read Just a Taste now

Happy Release Day to Me!

all's fair in lust & war on sale

The day has finally arrived!  All’s Fair in Lust & War is arriving on Kindles and reading devices around the world…and landing on store shelves in countries I’ve never seen!

It’s an exciting moment…one I would appreciate a lot more if I hadn’t been up all night with a sick kid.

What can I say? It’s a glamorous life I lead.

I hope you’ll go buy it! And that you’ll love it! And that maybe you might even review it?

As for me…I’m going to take a nap. And then I’m going to go back to revisions for book 2. And then? And then I might have a glass of champagne.

Thanks to all who have supported me so far!

Buy All’s Fair in Lust & War now!



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Take That, Second Book Blues.

DIng dong, book 2 is done(ish)

There is a thing that authors whisper about (but only around other published authors). A thing that, like so many things in life, no one tells you about until you find yourself right smack dab in the middle of it. The Second Book Blues.

And Internet? It’s terrifying.

See, after the hullabaloo that comes with selling your first book and joining the ranks of the published, sooner or later you have to sit down and right the next one.

In my case, it was sooner. My next deadline was in three short months. Three. Months. To write another book. From scratch. Now, granted, I wrote the first draft of the first book in less than a month, so this shouldn’t have been a problem.


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